Why did you change your name?

Moyo was founded as Peel HIV/AIDS Network in 1992. As the context of HIV has shifted from an urgent health response to a manageable lifelong illness, we have gradually expanded our work to address the social and systemic barriers to health that disproportionately affect some communities. Our broader, more inclusive name reflects our growing work with the diverse communities in Peel Region. We are proud of our history and continue to be committed to the health and wellbeing of people living with and affected by HIV.

Who can access your services?

Moyo offers services available to all of Peel Region’s diverse communities. We value intersectionality and serve folks of all ages, races, cultures, genders, sexualities, and abilities. Our priority populations are people living with and affected by HIV; African, Caribbean & Black communities; 2SLGBTQ+ communities; people who use drugs; and women.

Can I get tested for HIV for free here?

We offer free HIV Testing and PrEP Consultations on Mondays from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Please call 416-420-1250 to book an appointment!

What happens if I test positive for HIV?

A positive HIV diagnosis can be scary, but it’s important to remember that HIV is no longer a death sentence. With treatment, HIV is a lifelong, manageable illness. The most important thing to do after being diagnosed with HIV is to see your doctor and get on treatment (known as antiretroviral therapy, or ART) as soon as possible. With effective treatment, a person living with HIV can reach an undetectable viral load, meaning the virus cannot be detected in the blood and cannot be transmitted to partners through sex.

I think I might have been exposed to HIV. What should I do?

Many activities pose no risk of HIV transmission, including sharing food, kissing, shaking hands, mutual masturbation, and sex with an HIV-positive person who maintains an undetectable viral load through treatment. Some other activities such as oral sex are considered low-risk. More information on HIV transmission is available at Catie.ca.

If you are concerned about a possible HIV transmission, we offer counselling and information services. You can come in to speak with us during office hours or call us at (905) 361-0523.

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