We support people living with or facing systemic risk
of contracting HIV through direct service and community capacity building.

Black woman leaning on a city balcony railing while wistfully enjoying the atmosphere. Her eyes are gently closed and she appears relaxed.
Two women of asian descent are seen leaning on each others shoulders and smiling. They are both looking directly towards the camera.
Two women are smiling while looking at the screen of one of their phones together.
Three friends are posing together at a pride event. A brown male with sunglasses and rainbow facepaint is on the left, with a black woman wearing sunglasses and red lipstick smiling in the centre. To the right of her is a black male smiling and wearing sunglasses with a floral shirt on.

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& Services

Projects and initiatives intended to build knowledge among communities and service providers.


If you’re ready to know your HIV status, visit us to pick up an HIV self-testing kit. If you would like to access onsite testing, visit the PreP clinic.


We offer employment, internships, and rewarding volunteering opportunities.

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