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August 3, 2022

Picture this: it’s late on a Friday night. You slip on your oversize sleep shirt, wipe off all your makeup, slide into the comfy sheets of your pillow top queen mattress, and close your eyes for a full eight hour rest – this is your night.

Sounds nice, right?

It’s almost self-care day, and judging by the memes, hashtags and rise in sales for bath bombs, we can confidently say that everyone loves a little self-care. It’s giving yourself permission to take some time to relax after that long day’s work, unwind from those problems that keep you tense, and be mindful of the negative and positive thoughts that fill your mind.

However, self-care looks different for everyone. If you’re a working mom, it’s a glass of wine while your partner watches the kids; if you’re a college/university graduate who’s looking for the job that will launch their career, it’s a face mask and a good cry that lasts until 3 AM; and if you’re an angst filled teen, self-care looks like a Netflix and pizza binge. Self-care is what YOU make it! However you choose to give yourself time to show some love to your mind, body and spirit.

With self-care day coming up on July 24th, we here at Moyo have been seeing what self-care looks like to the amazing people who make Moyo, Moyo! Stay tuned as we introduce a few of our front line staff to see what our wonderful workers have in store for their self-care day!

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