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Saying Goodbye to Hope Ramsay

December 22, 2023

It is with a mix of sadness and gratitude that we announce the departure of Hope Ramsay, who has been the heart and soul of MOYO for many years. As our Executive Director, Hope has led us through times of growth and challenge, always with unwavering dedication to our mission and values.

Under Hope's leadership, we have achieved significant milestones and impacted countless lives through our programs and initiatives. She has been instrumental in building a dedicated team, forging partnerships, and engaging our communities in meaningful ways.

While we will miss Hope's presence and leadership, we are confident that she has prepared us well for the future. We have a solid foundation and a clear vision for where we want to go, thanks to her efforts.

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to Hope for her many contributions to our organization and the region of Peel. She has left an indelible mark on our hearts and minds, and we wish her all the best in her next endeavours. Thank-you for everything Hope!

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